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Core Competencies

Focusing on Consumption upgrade and Industry upgrade, Hosen Capital’s core competencies lie in our insights of industrial trends and companies’ fundamental competence, our capabilities to identify and seize investment opportunities, and our strengths to optimize social and industrial resources.

Globalized Industrial Resources

Regular strategic communications with global leading companies provide Hosen with international industry perspectives and opportunities to import technologies and resources. Close relationships with Chinese leading Food and Agriculture companies and leading membership of various industry associations enable Hosen to capture latest industry developments. Close contact with global top-tier investment banks, law firms, accounting firms and commercial banks enable Hosen to stay current with major capital markets and macroeconomic trends.

Top-tier Professional Team

With more than 10 years’ investment and strategic management experiences, the core team has accomplished a series of successful investment deals. Mr. Hang WANG, Founding Partner, as key member of New Hope Group management team, has led and experienced the group’s revenue growth from RMB 5 billion to RMB 80 billion, during which he accumulated abundant experiences in strategic planning, business management, corporate governance, investment decision-making and comprehensive risk management. The other Founding Partner, Dr. Alex Tianli ZHANG, with both management experiences at multi-national corporations and entrepreneur experiences with high-tech companies, has extensive experiences in strategic management and equity investments. Hosen Capital has earned good reputation among industry.

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