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Value-adding Services

Hosen Capital provides the portfolio companies with services from various aspects so as to create and enhance the companies’ value.

Governance Improvement: Assists investees in adjusting ownership structure, incentive mechanism and decision-making process to improve corporate governance and rejuvenate the companies.

Strategy Management: Assists investees in planning development strategy and contemplating product and brand positioning to gradually develop the companies’ capability in strategy management.

Operation Improvement: Assists investees in benchmarking and standardization to improve financial management, supply chain management and sales management to systematically improve performance.

Financial Service: Assists investees in financing and leveraging to optimize capital structure so as to enhance returns.

Industry Consolidation: Assists investees in identifying potential industry consolidation opportunities, building up external strategic allies, utilizing the financial investors’ advantages to identify appropriate M&A targets to grow the businesses.

International Expansion: Assists investees in achieving international exposures in R&D, manufacturing and marketing using investors’ extensive social network.

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